Main Hall Hire
Terms & Conditions


1.    Booking confirmation:   All bookings are confirmed by payment of a deposit.

2.    Bond:  The bond will be refunded to you post event, given the hired area is left in a clean and tidy condition, as it was found prior to your function commencement.  The refund of your bond is at the discretion of the Operations Manager.  You may choose to hire a cleaner via Club West Lakes, however a fee will apply.

3.  Final numbers:  Confirmation of your final numbers must be given no less than 7 days prior to the event.

4.  Food and Beverage:  Details of all Food and Beverage must be confirmed no less than 7 days prior to the event.  If you choose to arrange catering through Club West Lakes, the kitchen hire fee will be waived.  Both Food and Beverage selections are subject to change and availability.

5.  Bar Tabs:  The organiser is welcome to run a TAB for beverages, with payment required at conclusion of event.  A beverage minimum may be applicable at the discretion of the Operations Manager.

6.    Cancellations:  Any function cancelled more than 90 days of the function date will have the full deposit refunded.  14 – 89 days the deposit will be forfeited.  Less than 14 days, the deposit plus 50% of your estimated costs will be forfeited unless Club West Lakes can rebook your function date.

7.  Compliance:  The organiser will conduct the occasion in accordance with Club West Lakes Terms and Conditions and all other laws applicable.  Management reserves the right to close any function if their organiser has supplied misleading/incorrect information at time of booking.

8.   Displays & Signage:  The organiser is welcome to personalise the hired area with displays/decorations, however, nothing is to be nailed, glued, pinned or sticky taped to any wall, window or rafter.  Blue tac adhesive can be used.  No confetti is permitted.  For a fee, our staff can decorate the hired area for you.

9.  Responsibility:  The organiser is financially responsible for any damages or breakages sustained to Club West Lakes by any function attendees.  Damages and additional cleaning fees will be deemed the responsibility of the organiser.  Club West Lakes will not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss of equipment left behind after the function has concluded.

10.  Security:  Club West Lakes will determine whether external security is required for the event.  We will engage any security needed and the cost will be on-forwarded to hirer.